Family Participation

Family Participation


When schools and families work together, children are more likely to feel successful.  We welcome and appreciate family participation at Parkway Elementary.  The most impacting part of a child’s success in school is the participation of a parent or caregiver.  Grandparents and other members of the extended family can also make a strong impact.

School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is a school community’s representative body, made up of school staff, parents/community members, and at the secondary level, students.  The primary responsibility of the SSC is to participate in the development of the School Plan for Student Achievement,  and evaluate the effectiveness of programs by monitoring the use of Title I and other supplemental funding available to the school site.

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

ELAC is designed to provide parents of English learners the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in the school’s needs assessments of students, parents and teachers.
  2. Advise the principal and school staff on the school’s program for English Learners.
  3. Provide input on the most effective ways to ensure regular school attendance.
  4. Advise the school based on the annual language census (R-30 Form).
  5. Advise the School Site Council on the development of the School Improvement Plan, including expenditures of LCFF monies to support English learners.

Student Success Team (SST) Meetings

A parent or teacher may ask for an SST meeting if there are attendance, academics, behavior, or social emotional concerns. Parents and the team will work together to create a plan for support and follow-up on the progress with another meeting.

Back to School Night & Open House

Back to School Night is an opportunity for the teacher to explain their vision, expectations and goals for the year. We ask that families arrive at the time advertised so that teachers can give their presentations without interruption. Different than Back to School Night is Open House which is an opportunity for your child to show their families and friends the work they produced throughout the school year. This event does not have a hard start time. You may come any time you like between the advertised times as a drop in visit.