Dress Code

Children should come to school dressed in clean, comfortable clothing which allows them to participate in the many types of activities that occur during the elementary school day. Appearances should reflect that children are in school, ready to work and learn.

Students are to wear clothing that covers all parts of body (from neck to mid thigh) and shoulders must be covered. All pants, slacks, jeans, shorts, and shirts shall remain at the top of the waist (NO sagging pants / midriff tops). At no time should any undergarment be visible. Student dress should reflect respect and pride in each individual student and the school community.

The following clothing is NOT ACCEPTABLE school attire:

  • Clothing with offensive language/slogans
  • Gang related colors or symbols
  • Make up
  • Baggy, over sized, sagging clothing
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Short shorts/mini skirts
  • Snap away pants
  • Raised heel or wheeled athletic shoes
  • Heeled, cleated, spiked, or thong footwear
  • Clothing endorsing drugs, alcohol, or tobacco use
  • Hats are not worn indoors
  • Bare chest or bare midriff tops
  • See-through clothing