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Speech and Language Pathologist


The speech and language specialist evaluates the areas of language, articulation, fluency and voice.  If a child qualifies for services, the specialist provides therapy.

The Resource Specialist Program (RSP)


RSP provides special instruction and services to students who are assigned to the regular education classroom for the majority of the school day but who have been identified with a learning disability entitling them to special education services.  Students in RSP have an Individual Education Plan designed to meet their specific needs.

Student Support Center


Parkway’s Student Support Center is located in Room 13.  The school’s Social Worker is on site to help and support families with their needs.  We are here to support students and families in school, home and in the community.  Our resource center provides support with mental health, medical, and dental needs, and socio-emotional groups.  The Student Support Center is here to provide the support needed to assist families and students with an enjoyable school experience and build upon student’s academic success.  All resources are strength-based, free, and confidentia

Sacramento START


The START after school program is provided for students in grades K-6. The Sacramento START program consists of three components: homework assistance, literacy, and enrichment/recreation. This program promotes youth development and builds on students assets.

Special Day Class


Our school provides special education services for students in a self-contained classroom designed to meet their needs as identified in their Individual Education Plans.

Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS)


Positive behavior support is an application of a behaviorally-based systems approach to enhance the capacity of schools, families, and communities to design effective environments that improve the link between research-validated practices and the environments in which teaching and learning occurs. 

Second Step


Second Step is a research-based intervention that is taught in every classroom at Parkway and is specifically tailored to grade levels.  Second Step teaches students the skills needed to succeed socially and academically.  It promotes social-emotional self-regulation while decreasing problem behaviors.  It teaches skills that strengthen students’ ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems effectively.  Parkway strongly believes that with the implementation of Second Step we will create a safe and respectable learning environment that promotes sch

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)


The staff, parents, and students at Parkway are embracing Social Emotional Learning as a way to develop and establish positive relationships with each other.  SEL has proven to be essential for all staff and students.  It is the process through which children and adults acquire knowledge, attitudes, and skills that they need to recognize and manage their emotions.  This mindset will support our students in demonstrating concerns for others; making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations proactively.  Most importantly, SEL skills are essential throughou